Aural Techniques 2

  • 1/23/20:

    • REVIEW: For next week, practice all scales, intervals m2-P4, and use Ottman chapter 10 to practice rhythm (conduct and speak). There are no quizzes next week, please just reacquaint yourself with actually listening to things.

  • None at this time.

Singing Exam Handouts
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Web Links

This section contains links to internet sites designed to help you with music theory and ear training! This is just the beginning, a simple search will turn up many websites and apps to help you practice.

  • Interval Reference Songs - somewhat-recent pop songs illustrating all intervals m2-P8.

  • - interactive, self-grading practice on ear training and music theory fundamentals; also, you can print free staff paper here. They also have an iPad/iPhone app, Tenuto, that has the same features.

  • Metronome Online - turn your computer into a metronome.

  • Teoria - an excellent resource - interactive lessons and dictation exercises.

  • Online Flash games for ear training (in addition to the above). There are many simple pitch and rhythm games available online. Here are two websites that I like:

    • The Melody Master - this site has a variety of ear training games.

    • Theta Music Trainer - this website hosts dozens of musical games, from pitch to rhyhtm to intonation and beyond. Playing the games requires a free account, which gives access to the basic levels of each game. Purchasing a full account (around $50 per year) gives access to all levels, plus score tracking, etc. I recommend the "Parrot Phrases" and "Tonal Recall" in particular.

  • The Interval Song - illustrates all of the intervals between P1 and P8.


Auralia Instructions

We will be using Auralia 6 Cloud Edition for dictation assignments this semester. You need to purchase a $35, one-year rental license for this software; this will be done through iLearn the first time you try to complete an Auralia assignment. Please contact me with any registration problems.

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