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Aural Techniques 1

  • 11/14/19

    • For Tuesday 11/19:

      • Auralia HW14

      • Rhythm quiz: Ottman, pg. 61, #4.62 and pg. 63, #4.72

    • For Thursday 11/21:

      • Auralia HW15

      • Singing quiz: Ottman, pg 55 #4.33, 4.34

  • 11/7/19

    • For Tuesday 11/12:

      • Auralia HW12

    • For Thursday 11/14:

      • Singing quiz: Ottman, pp. 89-90 #6.14 and 6.17

      • Auralia HW13

  • 10/31/19

    • For Tuesday 11/5:

      • Auralia HW10 (melodic and rhythmic dictation)

    • For Thursday 11/7

      • Auralia HW11

  • 10/24/19

    • For Tuesday 10/29:

      • Auralia HW8 (melodic dictation)

    • For Thursday 10/31

      • Auralia HW9

  • 10/17/19

    • For Tuesday 10/22:

      • Singing scale quiz, with scale sheet (all scales).

      • Rhythm quiz: Ottman pg. 52, #4.20, 4.21. These are duets – prepare both parts.

      • Auralia HW6 (melodic dictation)

    • For Thursday 10/24:

      • Interval ID quiz – all intervals.

      • Singing: Ottman pg. 32 #3.22, pg. 33 #3.26, pg. 35 #3.36

      • Auralia HW7 (interval and chord ID)

  • 10/10/19

    • For Thursday 10/17:

      • Interval ID quiz on 5ths, 6ths and 7ths.

      • Singing: Ottman, 10th ed., pg 19 #2.29, 2.30, 2.32

      • Auralia HW5

  • 9/26/19

    • For Tuesday 10/1:

      • Written interval quiz, 3rds/4ths only

      • Auralia HW1

    • Thursday 10/3:

      • Singing scale quiz, with scale sheet (all scales)

      • Auralia HW2

  • 9/19/19

    • For Tuesday 9/24: Ascending chromatic scale, Etude 15 (compound division)

    • For Thursday 9/26: Descending chromatic scale, Etude 20 (simple division)

  • 9/12/19

    • For Tuesday 9/17:

      • Rhythm etude #5: count smallest division, clap printed rhythm.

      • Sing Major, Natural Minor, and Harmonic Minor scales

    • For Thursday 9/19:

      • Rhythm etude #7: count smallest division, clap printed rhythm

      • Sing Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Melodic minor scales.

  • 9/5/19

    • For Tuesday 9/10: recite chromatic solfege at MM = 92

    • For Thursday 9/12: sing page 84 of the Major Do Clef packet (posted 8/29)

  • 8/29/19

    • For Tuesday 9/3: recite chromatic solfege at MM=72

    • For Thursday 9/5: sing page 140 of the Major Do Clef packet (posted 8/29)

  • None at this time.

Singing Exam Handouts
  • None at this time.



Web Links

This section contains links to internet sites designed to help you with music theory and ear training! This is just the beginning, a simple search will turn up many websites and apps to help you practice.

  • Interval Reference Songs - somewhat-recent pop songs illustrating all intervals m2-P8.

  • MusicTheory.net - interactive, self-grading practice on ear training and music theory fundamentals; also, you can print free staff paper here. They also have an iPad/iPhone app, Tenuto, that has the same features.

  • Metronome Online - turn your computer into a metronome.

  • Teoria - an excellent resource - interactive lessons and dictation exercises.

  • Online Flash games for ear training (in addition to the above). There are many simple pitch and rhythm games available online. Here are two websites that I like:

    • The Melody Master - this site has a variety of ear training games.

    • Theta Music Trainer - this website hosts dozens of musical games, from pitch to rhyhtm to intonation and beyond. Playing the games requires a free account, which gives access to the basic levels of each game. Purchasing a full account (around $50 per year) gives access to all levels, plus score tracking, etc. I recommend the "Parrot Phrases" and "Tonal Recall" in particular.

  • The Interval Song - illustrates all of the intervals between P1 and P8.


Auralia Instructions

We will be using Auralia 5 Cloud Edition for dictation assignments this semester. You need to purchase a $29, one-year rental license for this software; you can then install and use it anywhere. Follow the instructions in the syllabus to buy, register, and set up your account - I will summarize them below.

  1. To purchase, go to this webpage (http://www.risingsoftware.com/shop/aucec) and look for "Auralia Cloud Student" - click on the green "Buy Now!" button to begin your purchase. The software costs $29 - don't buy any other version than this one.

  2. You will be prompted to create your account and link it to Tech. Your School Code is TNTECH, and your PIN is 5QPN.

  3. Download the appropriate software from the links below. Install it and log in. Once your account has been created, I will be able to move you into my class. You can do that yourself from the File > Change Your Details menu, just look for our class in the list of available classes (AT1 - Adduci). You should be able to download right after you buy it, but here are the download URLs for reference:

  4. Here is a document from the publisher reviewing these steps. Please contact me right away with any problems.

  5. For most assignments, you can use the browser version of Auralia, instead of installing the client software on your own computer. You still need to purchase your access as decribed above. LINK TO BROWSER VERSION: https://auralia.cloud